Thank YOU!!!

This blog has been created so that you, our family, friends and senders can keep up with the happenings on our mission trip to Sibanga Village, Uganda, East Africa.

We would like to thank each of you for praying, giving, and loving us well, onward and upward, before, during and after our trip.
Your prayers over us are so important. We ask you to pray for safety and good health (for us and our families), wise choices, and most of all, for the Holy Spirit and the Love of Jesus to be evident in us, with each other, with the people we encounter on the planes and in the airports, and with everyone we meet in Uganda.

We would also like to thank you for your monetary support. The Lord has provided through YOU and continues to do so!
Thank you...
from all of us to all of you...
for giving to the Lord.

Prayer Requests

Village Evangelism – Sibanga Village

Ministry to Orphans – Lulwanda Children’s Home

We ask you to pray:
... that each team member would taste and see that the LORD is good.
... that we (both, as team members and as individuals) are obedient to the Holy Spirit's calling, orchestration, mercy, and love before, during and after the trip.
... for team unity and that we would be obedient to our team, and mini-team, leaders.
... that we would be used as the LORD's instruments to minister to and share the gift of salvation with the people of Sibanga Village and the surrounding schools and prisons that we may visit throughout the week.
... for softened hearts (their hearts AND ours!).
... for the safety, good health and peace for the loved ones we are leaving in the U.S. for the two week trip.
... for travel mercies and good health for all team members (before, during and after the trip!).


June 24-25 – Please pray for travel mercies on KLM Airlines as we depart Houston and arrive in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and then on to Entebbe, Uganda.

June 26 – Pray as we travel 2 hours to Mbale, Uganda (via van) and for recovery of jet lag.

June 27 – Pray for our teaching and encouragement for Pastor Morris Ogenga, his wife Aidah, the Elders and congregation of Mbale Presbyterian Church.

June 28-30 – Please pray as the team will daily share the Gospel (hut-to-hut, in public schools and in prisons) to the people of Sibanga Village. Team members will be sharing testimonies, teaching children, and preaching at afternoon crusades, local high schools and prisons. Pray also for the new pastor of Sibanga PCU, Pastor Emmanuel.

July 2 – Please pray for the team as they conduct a soccer camp for the orphans at Lulwanda Children’s Home and local school children. Pray that the soccer balls and uniforms are well received.

July 3 – Please pray as Pastor Timothy of Apokoro PCU (Tomball Bible Church 2006 church plant) is joined in marriage with Beatrice. Pray for the two of them as they begin their life together as husband and wife. The team is excited for the opportunity to attend Pastor Timothy and Beatrice’s wedding!

July 4 – Pray for our teaching and encouragement at Kidoko PCU. And pray also for travel mercies as the team makes their way from Mbale to Jinja (via 2 hour van ride).

July 4-5 – Pray for rest, refreshment and renewal for the team members at the Jinja Nile Resort.

July 6-7 – Please pray again for travel mercies on KLM Airlines as we depart Entebbe, Uganda and make the way back stateside, by way of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and on to Houston.

Thank you for praying for Uganda Mission 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sabanga, Schools, Prisons and Lulwanda

Today was a busy day. Larry, Dee, Scott, Alicia, Jamison and Don went to Sabanga. Larry left at 1:30 and went to a prison. Mike and Stephen went to the Schools. Rose , Melissa, and Kayla went to Lulwanda.

First the news from the schools. We visited 3 schools. The first school was a small christian based secondary school in Tororo. Stephen shared his testimony and Mike gave the presentation of the gospel. 6 Ugandan students trusted Christ and recieved prayers and words of encouragement from Mike, Stephen and Pastor Godfrey. The gospel was preached and Stephen's testimony was heard by 2,000 primary students at the second school we visited. Many raised their hand to affirm that they had prayed a prayer to accept Christ. The third school was a very special school for Mike and especially for Stephen. Stephen has worked for 3 summers at Camp Blessing with special needs kids and today we had the pleasure of visiting a school for the hearing impaired. Stephen felt led to give the gospel presentation and Mike shared his testimony to approximately 300 students. Students that wished to trust in Christ were asked to come to the front. There were about 40 students that felt God lead them up to the front. They all prayed a prayer of salvation and accepted Christ into their hearts. Mike and Stephen were encouraged and blessed by this experience and humbled at the opportunity to be a vessel of God's good news!

At Sabanga we met with mixed results. Some areas were kind of dark while others received the gospel with much enthusiasm. Thank all of you that are praying as most of the ones that did not accept, seemed to have God stirring in their hearts. We just need to keep praying that God will water the seed and make it grow. Praise God that several from beer huts heard the message and accepted Christ. Alicia and Don gave their testimonies, Dee and Jamison taught the children and Scott gave a stirring message at the crusade. We had seven accept Christ at the crusade and others that appeared ready but did not step up. Again pray that God will make the seed grow. After the crusade a young man (18) approached Scott and asked for prayer. Scott asked him how he could pray for him and he responded that the day before he was contemplating committing suicide. He told Scott that he felt God spoke to him telling him no to. He told Scott that hearing the message that Scott preached reached him where needed. Scott reported seeing visual joy in the man after they prayed together.

At Prison, Larry preached on the need for the husband to be the leader of the family. The need for them to take financial and leadership responsibilities. He was told that those men needed to hear that. Larry used some well timed world cup illustrations to make his point. All 20 men prayed a sinner's prayer and accepted Christ as their Savior.

Kayla, Rose and Melissa visited Lulwanda Children's home and worked with the teachers on computer skills. The teacher's need specific instruction on typing and formatting documents to help their instruction be more effective. The three of them will be returning tomorrow to work with the teachers and of course, love on the kids!

Prayer warriors: Pray for Alicia and Jamie as they go to the schools tomorrow. Pray for Rose and Melissa to be effective in teaching computer skills at Lulwanda - and of course, to love on the kids! Pray for Stephen as he visits the prisons tomorrow. Pray for Don, Scott, Larry, Dee, Kayla and Mike as they will be hut-to-hut evangelizing in the village of Sabanga. Mike will be preaching and presenting the gospel and Larry and Dee will be giving their testimonies. Dee and Kayla will be working with the children - pray for patience and loud voices as there were over 150 kids for Dee and Jamie today :)

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  1. Praise God! We rejoice with the angels in welcoming our new brothers and sisters in Christ! For these and the seeds planted today, I was reminded of Isa 55:11 --

    "so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it."

    Father, annoint again these servants with your Holy Spirit. Fill them to overflowing. Speak through them and use them in a way that leaves no doubt that it is You who works in and through them. Increase their faith, Lord. Give them Your Word and wisdom at just the right time. Do this all for the glory and praise of Your most holy and precious name, the Name above all names.

    Please, Lord, drive the evil one from Sibanga. May the darkness tremble and flee from Your majesty, as You go before the team tomorrow. We thank you, Lord, for the divine appoints that you have for the team tomorrow.

    Father, by your unfailing grace keep each team member. Protect them and watch over them. Make their steps sure, their labor productive, their fellowship encouraging, and their sleep peaceful.

    Great is Your faithfulness!

    Amen and amen.